What Is Sprayed Limestone?

PROCAL Stone Design is a revolution in the stone industry.  The limestone is applied using “old world” European plaster techniques with a trowel, in combination with modern pump spray technology, which has been utilized in Europe for over 30 years.

This special limestone mixed with our proprietary ingredients create a time tested and proven superior limestone coating, which will not crack and break loose in cold/freezing temperatures.  The versatility of PROCAL Stone Design’s product combined with the specialty expertise of our “Master Artisan’s” allow you to choose your own colors and patterns, or form a unique combination of your own.

Preferred patterns include but not limited to: Flagstone, Limestone, Brick, Slate, Lueder, Cast for doorways, windows and architectural accents, Rubble, River Rock, and Tuscan to name a few.

How Is It Applied?

Our product can be sprayed or troweled onto any stable substrate such as: (brick, stucco, cinder block, lathe over wood, drywall, cement board, and even high density foam.

Key Product Characteristics


Continues to harden for up to two years.


Breathes like natural stone because it is!


Has flexibility due to our secret formula.


Helps to keep it from spalling in cold weather.


High alkaline content of the special limestone.


Ideal for both interior and exterior use!


Does not slake and flake away like imitators’ products.


Fully customizable shape, size, and color.


Superior resistance to cold / freezing weather.


Can be applied to ceilings also – Roughly 5 lbs per square foot


Limited lifetime with a certificate.


Adds value to any property.

Residential Exterior Applications

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German Brick Smear Applications

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Residential Interior Applications

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Fireplace Applications

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Commercial Applications

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We hired ProCal to add a mortar smear to our fireplace. When it was finished, I did not love it so the owner came out with his project manager to meet with me personally to determine what could be done to correct it. He pulled up some photos on his phone and we agreed on how I wanted it to look. They came back later that afternoon and "fixed" it FREE of charge even though it was really my fault for not communicating clearly exactly the look I was going for. My husband and I were very pleased with their customer service, professionalism and the finished product is fantastic. We LOVE our new fireplace. We are going to hire them again soon to perform the same type of mortar smear to the exterior of our house.

Cate S. / Zack Gill
Plano, Texas